About US

Creating Value

Our aim is to create value. To design things and experiences that have meaning and are valued by their owners. We create new intellectual property. We take old designs and develop them to suit new purposes and so they speak to a new generation.


We seek to generate income for our customers and ourselves. Many of our clients are charities and we work for their fundraising or enterprise divisions. Many of our Associates   seek to earn a living from their creativity and the way we operate suits their lifestyle.   Many designers choose to combine their consultancy work with teaching or make their family a priority. Most are sole traders or partnerships but together we form a strong supportive team. We share and collaborate information on trends, suppliers and innovations effecting our business.


Vicki Thomas Associates is a network with the London office at its hub. Vicki generates and manages most of the projects. The Associates act as account handlers and lead projects   when they have specialist expertise or live locally.


By local that usually means the UK but we have Associates and collaborators in the US, Europe and the Far East, who share market information and provide regional updates. Understanding cultural differences and similarities are important to the type of design

work we undertake.


We do not have all the answers to the challenges we meet, yet we are curious and enjoy finding original solutions.

Our Services


The practice grew out of research on the designers’ role in the gift industries. Vicki has continued to advise individuals, firms and social enterprises.


We create value through our design work and we license rather than sell our intellectual property outright. We represent design archives and license that work for today’s markets.



We are an multi-disciplinary design group; with experts in ceramics, surface pattern, textiles, graphic and packaging, toy, fashion, furniture, product and spatial design.


We design new brands  from scratch and develop established brands. We create characters and extend brands  so that they can find new markets.



A picture speaks a thousand words.  We create images that are used to tell stories and express emotions. We also work with picture archives to enhance their story.

Social Research

Participant research continues so that we can understand what is valued. We monitor trends and undertake user and market research on behalf of our team and clients.

Vicki Thomas

Vicki is a research-led design professional with a keen interest cross-cultural and social processes such as play and gift exchange on the design process.

After writing an extended essay “A Sociology of Fashion and Design” at the London School of Economics, Vicki Thomas went on to study for her Masters at the Royal College of Art and Victoria & Albert Museum. Her dissertation focused on the commercialization of Marcel Mauss’s Gift Exchange process. This then led her to found a specialist gift design consultancy practice, Vicki Thomas Associates. She is also an alumnus of the Toy Design & Making Course at the London College of Furniture.

The consultancy celebrated 30 years in business in 2015, working with as an inter-disciplinary team supporting a wide range of enterprises. Participant research has continued, looking particularly at the relationships between social processes and creative design practice. Her research on toys continues through her design teaching on product and interiors courses at The University of Northampton. Currently, she is working with the University’s Design Research Group exploring issues about making in the digital era, as well as, continuing to develop an understanding of the creative benefits of play – in theory and in practice.

BSc Sociology, London School of Economics and Political Science

MA Royal College of Art/ Victoria & Albert Museum

Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts

Senior Lecturer University of Northampton

Design Council Registered  in 1991

Member of the Giftware Association 

Qualifications and affiliations aside, Vicki is the key person to contact about a project or collaboration.


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