What we do


For us to understand, develop or create a brand is important. The branding communicates a client’s identity, its personality as Wally Olins would say.  He argued that a corporate identity is far more than a strong graphic.


In gift-related sectors, brands have a range of narratives. We are asked to create sub-brands with discreet colours and patterns. Many created by other aesthetic differences not just graphics.  They can be about history and conveyed by materials as much as typefaces.


We have been asked to create characters. BBC/Animal Hospital wanted “cute, sick animals”.

Sometimes a client has a sketch they want redrawn and developed to suit their own plans for a brand, so we help.

The style guide is key to communicating a brand to potential licensees. So, we have designed style guides for clients and for the properties we represent. Many licensors cannot afford a formal or extensive style guide, so we have found ways of building guides that can convey guidance for licensees.


Creative Process

How we set about branding projects…
Branding commissions are design tasks are managed  in the same way as any other design project.

We generally plan such projects stages and monitor our time and expenses in undertaking the design work.


Initial ideas or inspiration is generated by a wide range of research, listening to the client and the understanding of the end user’s needs and aspirations.


After feedback, any proposed designs and solutions are reworked and developed. Then mocked up and tested. They are reviewed again and amended.


Once the designs are agreed the artwork is prepared and delivered. For style guide in digital or printed form.  Feedback from licensees are reviewed, and further developments recommended.

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