What we do


One the reasons for starting the starting Consultancy was feedback from Vicki’s MA(RCA). A copy was circulated around members of the British Jewellery and Giftware Association. Several businesses asked for her to help and advice. The first consultancy project was a brand extension report for an advertising agency’s client 

From 1991, we worked as Registered Designers with the Design Council and took a number of projects as part of the UK Enterprise Initiative.  These provided firms were able to tap into our expertise at a subsidised rate.

Helping and advising firms about our specialist markets has always been part of our offer. Recently we have been helping organisations put together bids for funding. Consultancy projects have varied from historical research about light houses, through educational toys and green toiletry suppliers, to licensing opportunities.


Consultancy Process

How do we handle consultancy?
Consultancy projects are usually undertaken on a stages basis, with fees being calculated on  time and any expenses involved.


How ever you contact us by email or at a trade show, we start by listening. We arrange to meet  face to face or come and see what you do.


After discussion with you and some initial research we put together proposal outlining what we we would advise and the next stages.

Market Research

The research techniques techniques   would vary with the project. This can simply be the research phase of a larger design project. Sometimes  clients simply ask for  feedback on their plans  or support for a bid.


The findings and recommendations are  usually written up in the form of a report that can be shared within the client’s organisation or with funders.

Sometimes people just stop or call or ask for advice. Maybe we can share our experience with you?

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