What we do


Creating pictures that communicate a story are important. The customer knows when they have the right image on a card to communicate want they want to express. We have illustrated ranges of greeting cards for publishers and charities.


Illustration skills are also very important in children’s publications. We illustrated and authored children’s picture books. We have also provided images for educational publications and guide books. Illustration have also been used on toys, kits and puzzles. We have inquiries to use Associates images for children’s spaces such as murals and wallpaper.


Packaging and branding briefs often need drawing skills too. We have used illustration on a wide range of packaging food, toiletries helping to enhance the quality and provenance of the contents. We are working on images of buildings and historical locations for souvenir ranges.

We undertake specific commissions, often based on a particular style of work. You can get an initial idea of the work by following links on our Associates page. The work is usually licensed for flat fee or on a royalty basis.



Creative Process

How the Illustration process works…..
Illustrations can be commissioned and the images are created just to answer a clients request. The brief may  be an internal one from another Associate as part of a large design project.

We also work speculatively, creating outlines for say picture books. We write a story outline and produce sample covers and spreads before approaching  publishers.

Publication like books usually have a   contract and allow for advances and royalties.

The Brief

Listening, thinking, discussing examples, undertanding the user and the market are all aspect of the briefing process. Once the brief is agreed then…

Visual or sample

A visual or set of initial drawings is produced.  The number and quality  will depend on the  budget but also on the the relationship and expertise of the illustrator and the customer.


Then the client has an opportunity to view and discuss the  drawings  and possibly test  the concepts out with users. One charity pins up Christmas card visuals in their canteen and lets staff vote!

Artwork  and delivery

All the feedback is passed to the illustrator who amends and completes the artwork.  Stage payments are expected at the visual stage, completion of the artwork.

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