What we do


Intellectual property is at the core of what we do. We continue to learn and keep up with changing legislation.  We research areas linked to our work, for example IP and product design and licensing textiles.   Sharing our experience and knowledge with others is important but we refer others to organisations – the Intellectual Property Office,  ACID  and specialist lawyers and patent agents.

We prefer to license rather than sell our own work. So, the Associates’ intellectual property remains their own. Customers can arrange through us to licence to use a single image for a publication for flat fee or take a license to use an image or pattern on a whole range and recompense the creator by a royalty on sales.

We also act as Licensing Agents for art and design related properties.   We were asked to represent the archives of illustrators such as Mabel Lucie Attwell and  George Studdy  (Bonzo the Dog).   More recently we have been asked to represent two historic textile collections – The Quilters’ Guild of the British and The Macclesfield Silk Museums. We bring our historical, design and market knowledge, to generate income for the preservation of these archives.

Some organisations do not have library so ask us to use our design or illustration skills to create products for licensing. So we have been called into to create characters – BBC/RSPCA, style guides – HS1/St Pancras or design sub-brands to appeal to different markets or customers – Turtle Mat, Portfolio or the National Trust Partnership.


Licensing Process

How we arrange licences

Licensing is not about being able to sell beer in a pub. It is more like renting a car,  you pay  a fee or a royalty and then you can use the vehicle for an agreed period, for agreed purposes and in particular places.


We have existing designs. These maybe from a library images or new designs created  link with colour trends or occasions. The process usually starts with a selection designs


We then discuss with  the client  their plans to use the design, where and for how long. We check that it has not been licensed elsewhere for a similar product.

Design Development

Then we check and prepare the  design, if required. Different production process may require different formats


Once and agreement is signed the artwork and rights to reproduce are handed over to the client.  Sometime an advance is due on signing followed by a royalty. Where the use is limited then a flat fee is paid.

We have been asked whether licensing is something to do with the pubs. We are happy to explain if you are to licensing to the industry.

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