Silk Scarf Copyright Macclesfield Museums

Patterns for Posterity: The Story of Macclesfield Silk

Silk has always been a valuable commodity. The famous Silk Road ends at the British Town of Macclesfield. Here, the Museum houses an archive of pattern books recording the distinctive contribution of textile British producers to the story of silk.Macclesfield’s industry grew from button making in the 1600’s to supplying the 18th Century fashion industry in London. This was at a time when dressing for Court demanded the highest quality materials and accessories. The links to High End Savile Row tailoring continues with woven ties and silk squares adding that flash of colour and individuality to the business suit. In the 19th Century the School of Art was founded in Macclesfield, providing training in textile design and manufacturing. Designers like William Morris were known to have attended specialist lectures. During World War Two local firms produced not only parachute silk but also printed maps on silk for the air crew to take with them.

Macclesfield has its own very distinct textile story, about innovation and trade, which continues today. The Collection illustrates a range of design movements from the Arts and Crafts and Art Deco graphic repeats to vintage designs of the 1950s and 60s; all created in the local area of Macclesfield.

Vicki Thomas Associates undertook research into the possibilities of licensing the collection held by the Macclesfield Museums and has been appointed as Licensing agents for the collection. Designs inspired by the collection will be at the Spring Fair in Hall 9 D13.

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For further information contact Vicki Thomas on the stand 9D13 or 0207 5115767

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