What we do

Social Research

Participant research underlies all of the work we do. We often reflect on our own experience. Understanding the relationship between social change and design is important. Design does not happen in a vacuum and what we design has to be socially relevant and have meaning for the purchaser.


We research design and colour trends twice a year. We use mood boards to share our findings with the team but also with key clients. Visuals research of this kind is important to understand what will be on the market.

We have undertaken reports on sectors like the toiletry or educational toy markets on behalf of clients. This is often because they are moving into a new sector. We use desk research, observation and semi structured interviews.

A social research Process

We use a variety of methodologies….

Sociology, anthropology and history  underlie not only the back story of the consultancy but also have influenced the  methods we use to undertake research.

Social research is part of every design project and  we also undertake stand alone research projects and publish our findings.

Research is calculated on a time and expenses basis.


Looking and listening observing the world around is vital. Shadowing  clients and watching what people do is as important as what they say.

User Research

When needed we test concepts with users.  We use a variety of research tools like focus groups,  role and creative play, to understand users need and aspirations.

Market & Trends Research

We undertake design research accessing published reports. Twice a years we do visual research into colour  and interior tends that effect our markets 

Desk & Archival

We use history to inspire and understand our designs. We are used to accessing and working with archival resources.

Much of our academic research  is available on line or in journals. Reports as an outcome Consultancy work  are usually confidential but our findings may influence our design work. For further information contact Vicki Thomas.

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